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Andréa J. S.

• illustrator | potter & sculptor | all-around crafter •
• 24 | bi, fat, & autistic •

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General Terms

this is a bit of a faq i guess!

1) do not repost my artwork, with credit or without, unless it was commissioned or gifted by/for you.

2) i don't mind people getting tattoos of my artwork, but i'd appreciate them asking/showing me!

3) my lizard wizard stickers are only available on redbubble. if you see them for sale on other sites, those are not authorized by me.


these terms are laid out in my ko-fi commissions checkout process.

1) commissions will contain copyright management information in the form of either a signature and/or other copyright and ownership information embedded in the metadata or elsewhere. Removing and/or altering such information is prohibited.

2) i (Andréa Sutinen) reserve the right to share the finished commission(s) on my social media accounts & use them as examples of commissions in my portfolio or elsewhere. you are also free to post/share the art (if it's 18+ please don't tag my main accounts!)

3) you're free to print your commissioned drawing (on anything, like a tshirt transfer or button etc.). you do not have permission to sell anything with the drawing on it, or use the drawing to advertise things for sale. (i won't design any logos, advertising material, or things that'd be used for promotional purposes, unless i know you personally, and even then it depends.)

4) if the commission contains any nsfw content you confirm that you are 18 years or older by submitting the commission payment.

5) the commissioner (or anyone else) does NOT have the right to mint any of my artwork as nfts or any other kind of cryptocurrency.

6) if i am unable to accept your commission for any reason, you will be notified and refunded as soon as possible.

Adoptable Characters

these terms are in the paypal checkout process for adoptable ocs.

1) you, as the adopter, may not claim that you designed/created this character.

2) you can resell, trade, or give away the character(s).

3) you can alter the character(s) in any way you like.

4) you can use the character(s) for content you are creating (comics, stories, etc.)

5) you can use/post my original drawing of the character(s) but please credit me as the original artist.

6) absolutely none of my artwork or designs are allowed to be minted into nfts or any other kind of cryptocurrency.

Black Luster Tarot

the black luster tarot is a yugioh themed tarot deck i'm making!
the preorder has ended and production phase will carry through sept-oct!

keep an eye on the shop - leftovers will be in stock after preorders ship!